Big City Music
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A | 1 - Big City Music
Produced 2006 | Produced by John Tejada
B | 1 - Asanebo
Produced 2006 | Produced by John Tejada

Big City Music by John Tejada

  • pfr068
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John Tejada is back on Poker Flat and we are happy to serve this exquisite new single on Steve Bug's imprint to you. After having released some amazing tracks on his own label 'Palette Recordings' and the enormous success of 'Sweat (on The Walls)' way back in November 2004, John now returns to Poker Flat with two slammin' new tracks. 'Big City Music' has this very special hip-shaking beat construct. The track just starts with one hihat, one short shaker, dry claps paired with two simple lead sounds. One of them repeating itself until the end and one to be morphed up and down, increasing and decreasing all the time. An exciting journey through changing tone lengths and different faces of at least one melody. On the flip side you find 'Asanebo', another unique smasher. Again this funky groove, but the sound surrounding comes a bit more spheric and mystic. An excellent track to loose yourself on the floor.