Best of Poker Flat 2013.
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1 | Johannes Brecht: What’s About
2013 | Produced by Johannes Brecht
2 | Mihai Popoviciu: Call Me
2013 | Produced by Mihai Popoviciu
3 | Alex Niggemann: Tangram (The Bright End)
2013 | Produced by Alex Niggemann
4 | Daniel Dexter: Why So Serious? (Uner Remix)
2013 | Produced by Daniel Dexter
5 | Steve Bug: No Adjustments feat. Foremost Poets (Steve Bug’s Re-adjustment)
203 | Produced by Steve Bug | Vocals by Foremost Poets | Remixed by Steve Bug
6 | Martin Landsky: ET2
2013 | Produced by Martin Landsky
7 | Foremost Poets: Reasons To Be Dismal? (Dixon Update)
2013 | Produced by Johnny Dangerous | Vocals by Johnny Dangerous | Remixed by Dixon
8 | Wouter de Moor: Lectures feat. Theo Parrish Words
2013 | Produced by Wouter de Moor | Words by Theo Parrish
9 | Daniel Dexter: Birds (Kollektiv Turmstrasse BlindBird Remix)
2013 | Produced by Daniel Dexter | Remixed by Kollektiv Turmstrasse
10 | Alex Niggemann: Lovers feat. John Rydell (Andre Lodemann Remix)
2013 | Produced by Alex NIggemann | Lyrics and vocals by Daniel John Riedl | Remixed by Andre Lodemann

Best of Poker Flat 2013. by Various Artists

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2013 has been another great year for Poker Flat Recordings. The imprint continued to carry out it's mission - an unwavering dedication to the finest underground house music worldwide.

The unintentional focus on Berlin talent in 2013 is well represented on this essential compilation with Alex Niggemann's double contribution: the exceptional "Tangram (The Bright End) '" and Andre Lodemann's version of "Lovers feat John Rydell", Martin Landsky's raw "ET2", and Daniel Dexter's 'Birds" (remixed by Kollektiv Turmstrasse) as well of Uner's remix of 'Why So Serious'.

Other undisputed highlights from the year include the return of theForemost Poets - with remixes from both Dixon and label boss Steve Bug remixing "Reasons to be Dismal" and 'No Adjustments' re- spectively. Throw in Wouter de Moor and Johannes Brecht, who have both seriously delivered over the year and we can easily say that going 15 years strong, each year seems to bring quality for DJs and electronic music-lovers alike.

DJ Feedback:
Dave Clarke (White Noise)
 Becoming a fan of Poker Flat, recent output is immense. 
Acid Pauli (Clowns And Sunsets)
 Brilliant lectures! Nothing more to add! 
Jimpster (Freerange)
 Cracking release all round but the Dixon mix remix jumping out at me for playing out. nice one! 
Andre Lodemann (Dessous)
 What's About is great! 
Davide Squillace (DC10)
 Nice pack, thanks!