Back (Go For The)
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A | 1 - Back (Go For The)
Produced 2005 | Produced by Martin Landsky
B | 1 - I Can't Get Up
Produced 2005 | Produced by Martin Landsky

Back (Go For The) by Martin Landsky

  • pfr059
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Yeah. Only a few months ago 'FM Safari' (pfr54) received great feedback from press, DJs and the party community. Now Martin Landsky, who also just finished a mix-cd for Systematic returns with a new 12' on Poker Flat! 'Back (Go For The)' on the a-side is another great stomper in that typical Landsky manner. Jacking and driving, the track also features the vocals of Filip G whose 'Yeah's' have the effect of an additional instrument. 'I Can't Get Up' on the b-side is a slightly darker track that smells like old-school techno spirit. The manic synth-line balances on squeaking and clanking rhythm patterns. This one will definitely will find it's way into your hips in a second.