Always Something Better
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A | 1 - Always Something Better (Trentemøller Remix)
Produced 2006 | Produced by Trentemøller
A | 2 - Always Something Better (vocal version feat. Richard Davis)
Produced 2006 | Produced by Trentemøller
B | 1 - Always Something Better (Trentemøller DUB Remix)
Produced 2006 | Produced by Trentemøller - Remixed by Trentemøller
B | 2 - Always Something Better (Herbert's Bubble Remix)
Produced 2006 | Produced by Trentemøller - Remixed by Mathew Herbert

Always Something Better by Trentemøller

  • pfr076
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Anders Trentemøller, the shooting star of 2005, needs no further introduction. He has been stringing together hit after hit, most recently the "Nam Nam EP" on Poker Flat which offered an initial insight into his upcoming album "The Last Resort". Now the new 12" brings the first full-blown single outtake. The featured album track is "Always Something Better ñ a vocal version featuring Richard Davis - and has a calmer, almost dreamy mood compared to the club tracks he's released. An easy-going groove, some wonderful Celesta chords (hand-played by Anders) and the typical Trentemøller sound melt with the outstanding vocals by Richard Davis, who already graced Swayzak's "Speak Easy" on K7. Furthermore, Davis is known for his longplayers on Punkt Musik and Kitty-Yo as well as an array of singles and remixes. A brilliant track with a beautiful atmosphere. Of course the A1 slot is reserved for the "Trentemøller remix", a true dancefloor anthem. A kicking bass drum, quirky sounds and the "Trentemøller twist" make this a real summer hit. While the A1 mix is a reduced vocal version, you'll find the "dub mix" on B1. To top things off, the one and only Matthew Herbert contributes his very own interpretation on the "Bubble mix". He disrupts and rearranges the original sounds and song structures to create a new unsettled, but fascinating soundscape. Big one.