All In! Ten Years Of Poker Flat (CD)
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CD1 | 1 - My Chihuahua Bites
Produced 2009 | Produced by Steve Bug
CD1 | 2 - A Beautiful Place
Produced 2009 | Produced by Märtini Brös
CD1 | 3 - Dancing To The Dark
Produced 2009 | Produced by David Durango
CD1 | 4 - Float
Produced 2009 | Produced by Patrick Chardronnet
CD1 | 5 - Species
Produced 2009 | Produced by Burnski
CD1 | 6 - Moon 15
Produced 2009 | Produced by Cle
CD1 | 7 - The Highlander
Produced 2009 | Produced by Gamal Kabar
CD1 | 8 - Telling
Produced 2009 | Produced by Sycophant Slags
CD1 | 9 - Nadel Und Zwirn
Produced 2009 | Produced by Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher
CD1 | 10 - M Track 5
Produced 2009 | Produced by John Tejada & Arian Leviste
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CD2 | 1 - Move With Me
Produced 2009 | Produced by David Durango
CD2 | 2 - Down The Sky
Produced 2009 | Produced by Ryo Murakami
CD2 | 3 - After Dark
Produced 2009 | Produced by DJ T
CD2 | 4 - The Phantom Image
Produced 2009 | Produced by Vincenzo
CD2 | 5 - House Of God (Phonique Remix)
Produced 2009 | Produced by D.H.S. - Remixed by Phonique
CD2 | 6 - Christmas Tree
Produced 2009 | Produced by Raudive
CD2 | 7 - In The Mist
Produced 2009 | Produced by Argy & Sydenham
CD2 | 8 - Nomads (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
Produced 2009 | Produced by Cle - Remixed by Matthias Tanzmann
CD2 | 9 - Phosphenes
Produced 2009 | Produced by Simon Flower
CD2 | 10 - Hello - I Must Be Going
Produced 2009 | Produced by Donnacha Costello

All In! Ten Years Of Poker Flat (CD) by Various Artists

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10 years ago an up and coming DJ & Producer named Steve Bug launched a label as an output for a very special new sound. Having already masterminded the legendary Raw Elements label, and of course the strong-as-ever Dessous imprint, Bug and a close family of DJs and Producers had a vision for something fresh and exciting that would define the times. And thus Poker Flat Recordings was born...

10 years on, over 100 singles, and 23 albums later and we have seen the label rise from glorious strength to strength, boasting an international artist roster including the most revered names in the scene. With such artists as Steve Bug, Märtini Brös, Martin Landsky, Phonique, Vincenzo, Guido Schneider, Argy, Trentemøller, Detroit Grand Pubahs, John Tejada, Patrick Chardronnet, Martin Buttrich, Dan Berkson & James What and many, many more, Poker Flat represents the soaring stars of the electronic underground, its Past, Present and Future heroes.

The Anniversary Compilation.
This compilation celebrates all that has been and all that will be, looking back with a gleeful smile over the label's decade of music, and of course to the bright future that lies ahead. Across this 3 CD selection you'll find exclusive new tracks from key Poker Flat artists, some of the most influential singles from the current season, and some very special hidden treasures from the back catalogue, selected by Steve Bug.

The limited edition Box-Set.
As a special extra feature, a limited run of this box-set compilation will come packaged with an exclusive, uniquely designed 100% plastic, casino quality poker deck. The cards feature inspired, 'deadly chic' illustrations by artists Nils Zimmermann & Christoph Babbel and are included along with a Poker Flat sticker in a limited run of 2000 boxed sets, hand numbered at the Poker Flat headquarters.

Within the first, exclusive CD you'll find such delights from classic label artists like Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher's 'Nadel Und Zwirn', twisting and grinding with funked up, airy freshness, or 'A Beautiful Place', the latest bass heavy afterhours trip by the Märtini Brös, on form as ever. More key artists present their ideas of things to come, such as mainstay John Tejada's 'M Track 5' (produced together Arian Leviste) whose melodic synth washes and tough bass phrases describe a magical, ethereal place, or the Bug's new teasing bomb, 'My Chihuahua Bites', with its tripped out hooks and signature floor filling sound.

More recent label signings also present their hottest new work, with Englander Burnski's spooky 'Species' making an impact with a nostalgic nod to the days of acid. Deep vibes and floating, haunting atmospheres are brought on strong by Patrick Chardronnet's 'Float', while fresh faced Gamal Kabar's kooky and downright dramatic 'Highlander' brings us the techno fix. In fact every track is highlight as CD 1 presents a wonderful view of the future Poker Flat sound as we step into the next decade of the label's story.

CD 2 scoops up the best of the current releases, from Argy & Sydenham's anthemic 'In The Mist', to DJ T's energetic burner 'After Dark', to David Durango's beautiful early morning bomb 'Move With Me', there's plenty of big room action in store. Matthias Tanzmann's superhot remix of Cle's 'Nomads' brings the pressure up a notch while Dessous central artists Vincenzo's first release on Poker Flat, 'The Phantom Image', burns the midnight oil, and Phonique's huge new remix of D.H.S' classic 'House of God' gets the attention it deserves. Such is the quality of the label's recent release catalogue that there are so many more gems to be found here....