5 Years Of Poker Flat 2x12
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A | 1 - Give Me Your Desease
Produced 2004 | Produced by Hakan Lidbo
A | 2 - Every Step
Produced 2004 | Produced by Jackmate vs. Nick Reiff
B | 1 - Housed
Produced 2004 | Produced by Martin Landsky
B | 2 - There It Is
Produced 2004 | Produced by Phonique
C | 1 - Okoubaka
Produced 2004 | Produced by Steve Bug
C | 2 - Gayo - Mystery Mix
Produced 2004 | Produced by Glowing Glisses - Remixed by Guido Schneider
D | 1 - Mattel Baby
Produced 2004 | Produced by Märtini Brös.
D | 2 - Motion
Produced 2004 | Produced by Jeff Bennett

5 Years Of Poker Flat 2x12 by Various Artists

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Poker Flat Recordings proudly presents the very special compilation to it's fifth anniversary. Since DJ and producer Steve Bug founded the imprint in 1999 it has been a continuous story of success. Already the first release - Steve Bug's 'Loverboy' was a huge club hit world wide - many others were to follow. The artist roster expanded steadily and german as well as international acts like Hakan Lidbo, Jeff Samuel, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Märtini Brös., JussiPekka and others have been signed to the label. Meanwhile Poker Flat has been established as one of the leading supplier of high quality funky minimal house in all it's varieties with a worldwide distribution setup. Now '5 years of Poker Flat (Poker Flat Vol. 3)' features no less than nine tracks which have been exclusively produced for this album as well as the best tracks from the 12' releases of the current season. Most of them are released on CD for the first time. Tunes like Martin Landsky's 'Reject' or Steve Bug's 'That's What I Like' have been sitting on high club chart positions in many territories for months, newer productions like Jeff Samuel's 'Get It' or Detroit Grand Pubahs 'The Clapper' are just about to explore their full potential. Highlights of the exclusive tracks and mixes are a fantastic Phonique remix of Detroit Grand Pubah's 'The Clapper', the brandnew Märtini Brös. song 'Mattel Baby' and of course no less than two exclusive tracks by John Tejada.