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Welcome to a new endeavor by Steve Bug

Steve: “I’ve been thinking about starting a new label for a while now, and now seems the perfect time to finally do it. I get sent a lot of tracks I love and play in my sets that aren’t quite right for Poker Flat: deeper, more club-ready, tracky cuts from exceptionally talented producers that deserve a platform so that more people can hear them."

The first release shows our intentions perfectly, offering up two sides of stripped back groovy house music from newcomer Kellie Allen. You can take first exclusive listen on our Soundcloud.

A formidable musician, DJ and producer, she has her own weekly radio show Kellie Allen: In The Mix boasting 860,000 listeners weekly on Ibiza Global Radio.

Hailing from London, you can catch Kellie playing regular slots in the UK & Ibiza for clubs such as ABODEOctan IbizaApollonia‘s We Are Planet ClaireLost In Ibiza and the Paradise Airstream at DC10.

I discovered Kellie Allen while browsing for new music for my sets. The more often I browsed the more great tracks from Kellie came up, so I got in contact and she sent a demo which I simply had to put out on the new label”, says Steve.