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Very soon to come: Paradise Sold

Only three more weeks to go until Steve Bug & Langenberg’s first joint album will be seeing the light of day. With NGC 6240, the duo released one of the harder edged tracks of the album as single, accompanied by juicy remixes from Tim Engelhardt and Vince Watson.

In several interviews, the producers gave insights into their work and visions and how they put the long player together.
The Roland Juno 106 brought so much warmth to our music we used it in almost every single track. Speaking for myself, I think that the Juno 106 carries emotional contents like melancholia, confidence, and hope in our music’ - Langenberg (Decoded Magazine)

‘Once in the studio, we had a deep understanding of each other’s vision. After getting a first 12-inch done, Steve came up with the idea to produce an album. I think I can speak for both of us that we were surprised how easily our ideas matched. Our workflow is amazing and we always have a lot of fun in the lab!’ - Langenberg (iDJ Magazine)

‘During the whole process, we barely had any unproductive days, the workflow was incredible, and our visions were really aligned. That being said, I think we clearly managed to come up with something that we couldn’t have achieved alone.’ - Steve Bug (Electronic Groove)