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Poker Flat / Dessous Labelnight @ Kazantip 2010

Poker Flat / Dessous Labelnight with Vincenzo, Phonique, support by Toblight & Dabrink August 12th / 01-08h / Kazantip - Popovka - Ukraine

If you want to escape reality, follow us to Kazantip! KaZantip (also simply known as "Z ") is situated at the shore line of the Black Sea.It takes place for 4-5 weeks in the summer and has more than 150,000 "paradiZers " visits each year. The festival is named after the Kazantyp headland where it was held from 1995-1999. During that time the festival took place inside a turbine compartment of the unfinished Crimean Nuclear Power Plant. Since 2001 the festival has been held in the Crimean town Popovka. It advertises itself as a "virtual republic " with more than 300 DJ's on ten dance floors which play 21 hours per day. This year the event will take place from July 31st through August 21st. More information at the link below.

The parties and stages are hosted by Get Physical, Global Underground, Cocoon, Freak n' Chic, Poker Flat, Ideal Audio and more. Meet us on the Dancefloor!