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OUT NOW: 'Paradise Sold' by Steve Bug & Langenberg

Steve Bug & Langenberg finally released 'Paradise Sold' - a full ten track album presenting quality house music in versatile facets. Steve Bug, owner of Poker Flat Recording definitely is surely one of the most talented artists in the electronic music world, accompanied by Langenberg aka Max Heesen who adds his Deep House creativity and together they've crafted this outstanding album. 

'Paradise Sold' is created by the two producer's joint world who influcenced each other creating a unique set. 'Paradise Sold' is a hardware-heavy production, with the Moog Sub 37, Dave Smith Sequential Prophet 6, Studio Electronics Omega 8, Roland Juno 60, Juno 106, and TB 303 all used before the entire album was mixed down with engineering legend turned producer Hannes Bieger at his studio to make use of his analog mixing gear. From playful to deep, atmospheric and emotional tracks, Steve Bug and Langenberg open the listening experience to a new level.

The duo joined forces to work on an amazing album creation where their musical signature mixed to the perfection, Langenberg pointed out : "We weren't just sending tracks back and forth over the internet. It was the two of us working together in the studio. It was interesting to experience how the tracks came to life. In the end all the tracks have both of our handwritings, but the final result has become bigger than just the sum of our individual input."

In an interview, Steve Bug says: 'Everything just fell into place. (...)  And I never try to put my tracks in a specific place, it’s all about feeling them or not. I mean in general writing music should reflect your actual mood, and should come naturally, instead of planning what you want to tell or where you want to get to. But that is the difference between being an artist and a producer I guess.' (Dancing Astronaut)

Steve Bug and Langenberg's collaboration album 'Paradise Sold' out now.