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Coming soon: Podcast by Rowee

In the addition to the release 'La Terra', which Rowee produced together with George Morel, there is also a podcast coming from the Tuscan artist. 

out 14.07.17 pfrpodcast59d

01. Ost & Kjex: Honky Tonk (Rampa Remix)
02. Howling: Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero)
03. George Morel, Rowee: La Terra
04. Rufus: Innerbloom (Andhim Remix)
05. Nico Stojan, Jaw: Blue Hour (David Mayer Remix)
06. Kenny Glasgow: Prototype
07. Damian Lazarus - We Will Return (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
08. Fideles: Alive
09. Nitin: Sunday Grey (Art Department Remix)
10. Rowee: Rushing Through The Mind
11. Acid Pauli: Nana