In the 80s, when electronic music started it’s rise to one of the most modern and influential music genres, Moses Mehdi was born. His parents emigrated from Iran and found a new home in Germany, where Moses Mehdi first discovered his love for music in HipHop, Techno, House Music and the original turntableizm. Copying the skills and finding his own techniques became a huge part in his teenage life and from this point on he produced his own music.

The current project `Moses Mehdi` started in May 2016 and since then he had several releases on highly respected labels... 

Moses Mehdi’s sound can be descriped as sophisticated, emotional Techno and House Music music with one hundred percent hands-up qualities. The producer and DJ’s goal is to bring refreshing sounds to all high quality music lovers.

Playing in all of the notorious clubs in Cologne City like `Odonien` and `Heinz Gaul`, the producer and DJ is trying to bring his vibes and music to other cities and clubs. Giving people the live experience to his project is a huge step in expanding his brand in Germany and Europe. Since the project already had a good start Moses Mehdi wants to put his heart and hard work in creating good music and live shows.

Released by Moses Mehdi on Poker Flat